e-Filter (C-Series) C-0620 Ciltron Cloth Water Filtration System

RM2,088.00 RM1,288.00

* 6″ (DIA) x 20″ (H) Cloth water filter

* 10 years warranty (Body only)

* Flow Rate – 4,000 Litre per hour

* High-density fibre that can filter matter as small as 10 microns

* Operating pressure – 0.5MPA

* Manual Backwash



High-density fibre that can filter matter as small as 10 microns

SUS 304 Single Step Valve Backwash

0.5MPA Operating Pressure


200 mm(DIA) x 762mm (HEIGHT)

Ciltron Cloth Cartridge Water Filter


Ciltron Cloth Water Filter Cartridge last longer at least 5 years of time. Please backwash the eFilter at least twice per month. The Water Filter Cartridge is removable, it is necessary to take out for rinse and clean at least twice per year.

The eFilter are must not be tilted. Do not set the eFilter near the metal that is rusting (E.g. Metal Fence)

Water Filtration System

High-density fiber that can filter matter as small as 10 microns, which is 10 times finer than a strand of human hair and washed away thoroughly, thus leaving the filter less susceptible to contamination.

Filtration process

Break down water molecule clusters into smaller clusters. These smaller clusters penetrate easily into fabrics to remove dirt more effectively during wash.

Why Filtration Water?

Skin Improvement

Complexion and reduces occurrences of skin allergies, infections. An effective routine of drinking clean water can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles and help keep your skin looking its best.

Safe and Clean drinking water

Water regulates body chemistry, it transport nutrients and waste products to human body and it is essential for human digestion. Cleanliness water to home, no more stains.

Improve Oral Health

Good oral hygiene is a reduced risk of gum disease, reduce the issue of bleeding, swelling, bad breath, tooth loss, and other problems

Reduces Hair Loss Problems

Promote both healthy hygiene and self-esteem. However, maintaining your hair can also provide longevity, as proper maintenance can reduce the chance of premature hair loss.

10 Years Warranty

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