e-Tank Vertical Round Bottom Tank with Stand (4000L/880 Gallons)

RM5,400.00 RM3,510.00

* 1480mm (DIA) x 3300mm (H)

* 10 years Warranty

* FREE Float Ball Valve

* Hygienic and Durable

* Economical product but value for money

* SIRIM & SPAN Certified

* Suitable for outdoor Installation

* Pictures shown is for illustration purpose only

Technical Specification




1480mm(DIA) x 3200mm (HEIGHT)

Hygienic and Durable Economical product but value for money

About Stainless Steel Water Tank

? The tank area must not be tilted.

? Do not set the tank near the metal that is rusting. (Eg Metal fence)

? The float level setting must be lower than the water level. (Prevent overflow)

? Do not use to contain groundwater, brackish water and salt water.


Stainless Steel 2 1/2 inch Air Ventilation Cap

Bigger air ventilation provide sufficient air circulation to Water tank

Stainless Steel C-Shape Vertical Stand

C- Shape of vertical stand allow Water tank reach a balance point and prevent it from collapsing.

Stainless Steel Nuts and Lock on Top Cover

Stainless Steel flexible nuts and lock on top cover to prevent it blow away from wind

Stainless Steel Water Inlet

The combining of corrosion resistance with high strength allows the reduction in wall thickness and weight. It can withstand very high water inflow rates.

Product Certification and Inspection

10 Years Warranty